Month: November 2020

Senior Living Should Be . . .

Ageism in hiring is a hot topic. But sometimes an older candidate is just an old bad apple as opposed to a victim of ageism.

What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You!

You may have already resigned yourself to the fact that prospects are just jumpy these days. Get them where they live. Literally.

Will Government or Entrepreneurs Determine the Future of Aging?

There is some tension between a government approach and private enterprise approaches to aging. Both approaches need to be considered.

The Epic “Food Fight” To Boost Immunity, Cognition, and Wellness

Could food be the medicine that gets us through this pandemic? Understanding the potential power of every ounce of food and beverage you serve.

Candid, Revealing, and Ultimately Hopeful Revelations From a Biracial Couple

Conversations on Race to highlight the Black experience and explore diversity issues in senior living. Interview with Sunyatta Amen and Jack Sterne.