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Aging, Autonomy, and Architecture: Advances in Assisted Living
Aging, Autonomy, and Architecture: Advances in Assisted Living

With the aging of the population, increasing numbers of people will need some type of assistance to maintain their independence. One of the fastest-growing options in long-term care is assisted living, a residential model of living arrangements that strives to combine housing and supportive services in a less-institutional facility. Assisted living arrangements usually offer individuals or couples private units that consist of a bedroom with bathing facilities and small cooking area. Residents also have access to a full-service dining room, a health clinic, and a variety of other spaces for recreational and social activities.

In Aging, Autonomy, and Architecture, Benyamin Schwarz and Ruth Brent bring together many of the leading researchers and practitioners in the field to examine various aspects of the design and function of assisted living facilities. Concentrating on those characteristics that foster autonomy, the contributors offer case examples that bridge the gap between theory and practice. They comment on issues that include health care, the special needs of assisted living for persons with dementia, the importance of marketing and management, and the design of culturally sensitive facilities. The book will be a valuable resource for researchers, designers, and policy makers, as well as for students in gerontology and in architecture.

Contributors: Janice E. Barnes, Ruth Brent, Pamela Z. Cacchione, Margaret P. Calkins, Daniel J. Cinelli, Uriel Cohen, Jacquelyn Frank, Stephen M. Golant, J. David Hoglund, Rachel Kaplan, Carol L. Kershner, Stefani D. Ledewitz, John P. Marsden, Keith Diaz Moore, John E. Morley, Leon A. Pastalan, Victor Regnier, Carmel Roques, Benyamin Schwarz, Gregory J. Scott, Cynthia D. Steele, Ronald K. Tinsley, Martin S. Valins, Kenneth E. Warren, Gerald D. Weisman, and John Zeisel

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