The spread of infectious diseases in senior living facilities are preventable through an effective cleaning and disinfecting program. Hand washing and hand sanitizers are the best defense against the spread of diseases. Effective and sustainable cleaning programs for rooms address the elimination of harmful bacteria and viruses present on frequently touched surfaces including furniture and countertops, washroom tiles, walls, and mirrors. A disinfectant should be used for critical touch points including light switches, doorknobs, intercoms, faucets and much more.

The use of an effective carpet cleaner and stain remover will increase odour control and appearance levels to contribute to a healthy indoor environment.

A proper cleaning and disinfection program for dining areas, common areas, and recreational facilities can contribute to reducing infectious diseases and can help attract new residents.
Areas that are constantly utilized must maintain high appearance levels and require infection prevention and control strategies to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment for residents and family.

Clean washrooms contribute to the health and good reputation of your facility. Wall charts are examples of the useful training tools that Avmor provides along with sustainable solutions like effective cleaner disinfectant, Bowl, Urinal and Porcelain cleaner, and Multi-Purpose cleaner that are designed to contribute to controlling the spread of bacteria and odour.

Having a suitable Sustainable floor Care program is essential for removing dust, dirt and other allergens.

Use Biomor Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Duo-Action Foamer for efficient odour removal from dumpsters and loading dock
Foodborne illnesses can be prevented by following safe food-handling practices along with a sanitation program designed for back of house and front of house areas.

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Maintaining a clean facility not only helps ensure a healthy environment, but also ensures peace of mind while contributing to an improved quality of life.

Avmor clean for health, clean for the environment, clean for performance.

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