Calm That Arthritis Pain Down With These Simple Methods

Calm That Arthritis Pain Down With These Simple Methods
Calm That Arthritis Pain Down With These Simple Methods

It seems there is an endless supply of home remedies and over-the-counter options that boast to relieve and even cure the symptoms of arthritis. With all this information, it can seem impossible to settle on the best plan for dealing with your pain. Fortunately, we have chosen some excellent tips that may help you make an educated decision on what will work for you.

Talk with your physician before you decide to make any changes for your arthritis medication schedule. Some medications take a while to work, while others can have adverse effects if stopped abruptly.

If you suffer from arthritis, you should always avoid using worn out shoes for exercising purposes. When your shoes are worn out, they do not distribute your weight evenly. This will put a lot of pressure on your knees and will make exercising painful. Make sure you buy new workout shoes on a regular basis, particularly when the soles begin to wear unevenly.

If the pain of arthritis is preventing you from getting a good night’s rest, think about switching up your nightly shower for a warm bath with bath salts. Doing this will relax your muscles and joints, which will relieve some of the pain, and in turn will help you to get to sleep easier.

Avoid wearing high heels and shoes that are not comfortable if you are one of the many that suffers from arthritis. Regardless of which part of your body is afflicted by arthritis, walking around in shoes that are uncomfortable can cause you to have irregular movements. This could further complicate your arthritis. Changing your footwear can help ease arthritis pain by changing your posture and the way you put pressure on your joints including your knees and your ankles.

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Managing stress will help you manage your arthritis. Chemicals are released when your body is stressed. These chemicals can trigger inflammation, which can increase the pain associated with arthritis. To reduce your overall stress level, organize your day better and get at least 20 minutes of exercise five days a week.

Acupuncture is one option available for sufferers of chronic arthritis. Many studies have shown that acupuncture works wonders to reduce arthritis pain. If you go in this direction, keep it up, and it will not help to just give it a small try.

The right type of exercise is crucial. Exercise will increase the flexibility of your joints in addition to keeping you healthy and fit. You can prevent joint inflammation with low-impact exercise, but don’t overdo it. If you’re hurting, stop doing it.

A surprising remedy to the painful symptoms of arthritis, is relaxing music. This type of music relaxes your body, which helps lessen arthritis aches and pains. Listen to music to help you go to sleep when you are kept up by arthritis pain.

Fish oil might be beneficial to you if you are an arthritis sufferer. Medical research has shown that fish oil, which contains omega-3 fatty acids, can help to reduce the inflammation and pain in your joints. Vitamin and health food stores have many quality brands of fish oil and it is becoming more readily available in grocery stores as well.

It is crucial that you watch what you are eating. In some cases people with arthritis are really dealing with food sensitivities, but are not aware of it. Record the foods you’re consuming, and when your symptoms flare up, take note. This will have you to discover the foods responsible for the flare-ups.

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Buy some equipment to help you! If you have the correct tools you can get through any job with arthritis. There are special knives, can openers, shoe horns, pens, and zipper pulls that can help you with daily tasks. Have a look into these products to see if they can make your life a little easier.


A warm salt bath for relaxation and a cold pack to numb localized pain might make it easier for you to fall asleep at night. This can relax your muscles and reduce your pain, helping you sleep.

People who are dealing with osteoarthritis in their knees may want to consider talking with their physician about electrical stimulation. Studies show that this type of treatment is quite helpful in decreasing knee pain and swelling due to arthritis.

Make sure you are consuming your protein. Though you may be unaware of it, protein is consumed more heavily by those with arthritic conditions. If you are a vegetarian, it is especially important for you to find healthy sources of protein, and eat them regularly to stave off pain and inflammation.

Sun block should always be given it the proper attention. Individuals who have been diagnosed with arthritis are much more likely to be affected by conditions like Lupus, which can be brought on by sun exposure. With that in mind, make sure to protect yourself outdoors to keep from making things worse.

Make sure you confide in your friends and family about your condition. Not only will this make them more understanding of your limitations, but you might be surprised by the insight and support that some can offer. By them knowing what’s going on, they will be able to help you out where they can.

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Laugh as often as possible. Humor will improve your mood and decrease the amount of stress you feel. Laughter is very strong for someone with arthritis and it has many benefits.

Water, water, water! Anytime you feel thirsty, drink water. Avoid drinks that are dehydrating like caffeine and alcohol.

Using a hot wax bath has helped many people deal with arthritis pains. Hot wax baths have been proven to reduce the inflammation and ease the pain of arthritis associated with the hands and feet. Any kind of exposure to heat should help your muscles relax and reduce the pain in your joints.

Whatever direction you choose to take, the advice in this article should have helped to clarify some of the options for arthritis pain relief. As you gain more knowledge about arthritis, its symptoms and treatment, you will more easily be able to make informed, realistic decisions about what you should use for your therapy and recovery.