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Is Your Team Suffering From ‘Pandemic Brain’?

Anyone else out there having trouble focusing? Feeling forgetful. Not getting work done? No doubt you’re suffering from Pandemic Brain. It’s a real thing.

3 Critical Actions to Make Black Lives Matter in Your Community

Takeaways from SLF’s Conversation on Race with Ayana King to highlight the Black experience and explore diversity issues in senior living.

Is COVID-19 Making You Self Destructive?

Things are so emotionally charged, particularly in the heightened political environment we live in. There is zero upside to negative posts.

These New Findings Will “Virtually” Help You Sell Better

This virtual tool can help improve the marketing response of communities to better relate and connect with today’s prospective residents.

37 Ways to Make Your Sales Efforts Ignite!

Want to up your sales game? Here are 37 quotes from senior living marketing experts demonstrating 37 years of wisdom. to get you started.

Family Village Living: Opportunity Beyond Age Segregation

Life in the 21st is more harried with two-income families, remote work, childcare, and aging parents. There’s opportunity in these developments.

Using This Platform Will Give You the Operating Metrics You Need Every Day

More than ever, teams are working from a variety of locations and communicating virtually. As a result, their technology has to be more than tried and true.

A Movement to Get Behind and Get Your Voice Heard!

Who isn’t frustrated by the bad (and unfair) rap senior living communities have gotten because of COVID? Your voice can now be louder and clearer.

Opportunity Beyond Age Segregation

It’s a seldom mentioned truth that senior living is one of the few industries that is still allowed to discriminate. Is that changing?

Training Is Key to Ensuring Your Technology Investment Pays Off

The costs of neglecting training can be high: unrealized business goals; efficiency and productivity gains that never materialize and employee frustrations.

Hey LeadingAge, AHCA/NCAL, Argentum, and ASHA — Come Up with A Plan

I am fearful that this will be dismissed as criticism and a lack of appreciation for all that these organizations have done. Trust me, I am watching.

Why Signature Dumped Their Agency Staffing Model

They’re qualified, eager to work, and would love to be part of your on-demand staffing pool. But there’s a problem. You don’t even know they’re out there.

Machine Learning: Hype or Critical for Problem Solving?

Whether we understand it or not, we’ve all heard the jargon — artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation. It’s here and there’s more coming.

Same Survey, Then and Now: Eye Opening Responses!

While we know the pandemic has altered our thinking, it’s rare to find a report that tracked responses to the same questions before and after COVID-19 hit.

Are We Overly Sensitive? An Inter-Cultural Encounter

Sometimes we take dogma to the extreme, even to our own detriment. Here is an example. What’s wrong? What’s right? What’s safe?

Honesty Is the Best Policy – Even If It Means Losing the Sale

Have you ever had the experience of closing a sale to someone you weren’t sure was going to be happy in your community? It can be a mistake.

How Technology Could Rock Your Bottom Line . . . Today

It is frustrating that today, you cannot find a single senior living community that is fully tech-enabled. If it existed here is what it would look like . . .

New York Times v. the Nursing Home Industry

They sensationalize some things because publishers know sensational headlines and sensational content sells. But there is way too much sensationalizing.

Is Everything Making You Crazy? One Tip To Soothe the Soul

When we think about the negative, that influences how we feel and how we act. It all becomes part of an endless downhill loop.

The Antidote to Stock Photos Has Arrived!

Are you spending hours combing through hundreds of cringeworthy stock images just to find the one or two that don’t look quite as “stock-y”? Why?