How can a senior live independently?

How can a senior live independently?

By taking the following steps, you can help your elderly loved ones live safe and independent lives at home and create a safe living environment. Here is a list of 11 companies and organizations that want to help aging adults successfully live independently. To qualify for PACE, seniors must be certified by their state to require nursing homes and live in a PACE service area (over 230 PACE centers in 31 states). Now more than ever, seniors and older adults are choosing to live independently rather than in a nursing home or care facility.

Independent living facilities can provide you with an integrated social network of peers, while many also offer structured activities such as sports, art, or field trips. Watch for signs that your senior living at home isn’t withdrawing from activities he or she used to enjoy. If you find that you need minimal support when it comes to activities of daily living, independent living may be right for you. There are many types of independent living facilities, from apartment complexes to self-contained homes, whose costs and services vary.

As a senior, you can maintain dignity, quality of life, and independence while living at home as long as your living needs are met so that you are safe, healthy, and happy. Here are 10 resources that seniors and their family members can use to ensure they are set up safely and successfully to maintain their independence and wellbeing. Do your homework in the independent living facility and make sure all your questions are answered ahead of time. With these tips, you can find an independent way of life that makes your life easier, extends your independence and allows you to be successful in retirement.

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The search for resources for independent living can be overwhelming for both seniors and their caring families. One of the biggest stressors is often fear of the unknown. So make sure your loved one knows what to expect from an independent residential or retirement home. Independent living facilities can also offer facilities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, tennis courts, even a golf course, or other clubs and stakeholders. Regardless of what type of independent living facility you’re considering, you want to make sure you connect with your peers and feel comfortable in the community.

In fact, there are programs and associations that are committed to helping seniors in all aspects of their lives. In addition to local amenities, many independent residential or retirement communities also offer convenient transportation to activities outside.