Nowhere in society do we find more wisdom, more wealth of life experiences, more vibrancy, more importance than in our senior citizens. Celebrating the lives of seniors is what Brookdale Senior Living does better than anyone else in the US. Brookdale is America’s largest provider of senior living and knows what seniors need and desire for the optimum life: emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and purposeful well being. From independent living, to assisted living, to memory care, to hospice care, Brookdale is where more seniors and their families turn to than any other source. The capabilities of seniors are endless, as proven by a pioneering study conducted by Brookdale in conjunction with the Stanford University Center on Longevity. The study, called “Rewiring Aging”, confirmed a strong link between the use of social technology and the well being of seniors age 80 and over. What does that mean? It means seniors are engaging socially in both traditional and non-traditional ways.


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