What is a Senior Living Advisor?
A Senior Living Advisor is essentially a realtor for senior housing and resources
A Senior Living Advisor matches which senior living communities and resources will best fit our clients based on their needs, preferences, budget, location and what is most important to them.
We educate our clients about the options that they may not otherwise have been aware of or which options would be a good fit for their situation.

What are the advantages of using a Senior Living Advisor?
I often tell my clients that trying to find the right senior living option for themselves or a loved one without using a senior living advisor would be much like trying to diagnose health issues without going to see their doctor, trying to take legal matters into their own hands without consulting an attorney or trying to invest money without using a financial advisor

A Senior Living Advisor can help narrow down the options
Rather than our clients needing to consider 8-15 Senior Living Options we can help them narrow it down to 2 or 3 options.
We help our clients make an educated decision
We know the difference between Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Foster Care Homes
We are in senior living communities frequently and interact with the staff and residents. We know if a community has stable staff or whether there is a lot of turnover.
We follow up with clients in communities to ensure they are satisfied
We provide recommendations on other resources that could help them with their transition such as Elder Law Attorneys, Realtors, Moving Companies, Estate Sale Planners & Downsizing Companies, Financial Assistance, Veteran’s Programs
It’s FREE!-The most important advantage is that we provide an invaluable resource at no cost to our clients