Is chiropractic good for nerve pain?

Is chiropractic good for nerve pain?

If you have a pinched nerve, you may experience persistent symptoms, including pain, muscle weakness, and “tingling” sensations. Chiropractic care may be able to treat what’s causing your symptoms noninvasively and give you back full strength and range of motion. Therefore, chiropractors with spinal and body alignment can help treat restricted nerves. When it comes to chronic nerve pain, chiropractors offer treatments such as ice therapy, TENS, and ultrasound to help relieve pain.

At ASFCA, we know that living with numbness and pain in your nerves can be exceptionally hard for you and your loved ones. However, you don’t have to continue to struggle with this burden. Let the ASFCA team help you ease your numbness and pain and give you peace of mind. Our chiropractic doctors are excellent at diagnosing nerve pain.

We know from experience that there are many causes of nerve dysfunction and neuropathy. That’s why our mission is to help our patients by treating their numbness, pain and symptoms at their source, the nervous system. Chiropractic enforces a whole-body healing approach and brings all systems into alignment and regulation. Chiropractic also considers the nervous system, which can eliminate the condition itself, rather than just the pain and numbness associated with it.

Instead of looking at an area of pain, chiropractic treats the entire body, allowing symptoms of many problems or conditions to be reduced or eliminated at once. Chiropractic care for a pinched nerve involves realigning the spine to bring you back to optimal health. There are so many stressors that can cause a pinched nerve, and chiropractors specialize in reducing that stress to treat pinched nerves and prevent them. I also plan to continue investing in chiropractic care and doing the exercises and stretches prescribed by the team.

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Florida Spine and Injury Chiropractors provide patients with chiropractic care for injuries and pain they suffer. While chiropractic treatment may reduce or eliminate the symptoms and problems associated with peripheral neuropathy, the condition itself is a warning sign that there may be another serious health disorder. Knecht, at Knecht Chiropractic in Lakeview Chicago if you’re interested in what natural chiropractic can do for you. Chiropractors firmly believe that the body is a self-healing organism, and chiropractic care naturally helps it on its way to smooth and efficient functioning.

Chiropractic is a type of health care that focuses on the spine and joints of the body and how they relate to the nervous system.