Find out about my experiences of helping elderly citizens apply for subsidized senior housing.

Is there hope for the future with low income housing for seniors?

Subsidized senior housing is a great thing, because when anyone gets to retirement age, why shouldn’t the society make sure that there is healthy, clean and affordable housing available? That’s the reason for subsidized senior housing. We worship the young, recognizing that the future of the society depends on the success of the next generation. However, why do we not recognize the esteemed value of seniors?

It’s not just about subsidized senior housing; it’s about what happens to senior citizens as a group – a large segment of society. They’ve spent a life of hard work, dedicated to principles of progress and building a great consumer-driven nation. Do we just neglect their needs and move on? Of course not; these are the current challenges and we just have to figure out how to do these things.

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