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Via Christi Village in Pittsburg | Senior Living at Via Christi Health

The Village features 32 assisted living apartments in five different floor plans, all within 90 feet of activities and dining, and a 96-bed skilled health care center built…

Healthy Living: When to Choose Assisted Living?

As your parents or other loved ones age, you eventually may face the decision to move them out of their home to an assisted living environment. But when…

Assisted Living – The Musical

Everything your Granny told you about assisted living? Forget it!

Living It Up – Late In Life!
From early retirement right up to the pulling of the plug, 21st Century seniors are partying like it’s 1969. Imagine: no work, no pregnancy and a full array of Medicare-subsidized pharmaceuticals.

Assisted Living: The Musical® is a

Monitoring Mom

As population matures, so do assisted-living technologies.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Assisted Living

WebMD offers tips for finding a reputable assisted living facility for your loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.

Living Life to the Fullest: Highgate assisted living facilities craft unique recreational programs

What is there to do in an assisted living? Highgate offers a wide range of activities for those who seek an active lifestyle or want to explore new hobbies.

Homicide Investigation At Seattle Assisted Living Home

Homicide Investigation At Seattle Assisted Living – Seattle, WA – Seattle police are investigating a “homicide/attempted suicide” at the facility in the Central District.

Signs That Tell You It’s Time for Assisted Living

How to tell if its time to move your elderly mother or father to assisted living and answer the question caregivers often ask: Is it time for assisted living?

How to Convince Your Parent to Move to Assisted Living

It’s never easy convincing an elderly parent to move to assisted living. Here are 9 tips to help convince your parent that assisted living may be a good option.