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Food at Assisted Living Facilities

Think the food at Assisted Living Facilities is all pre-packaged and preservative filled? Think again. We get behind the scenes and into the kitchen at Woodland Terrace with head chef James Lee. It is also important to note that food is a key factor when determining which facility is right for you or your loved Read More

How to Relieve the Stress of Caring for an Aging Parent: Amy O’Rourke at TEDxOrlando

https://youtube.com/watch?v=4c2grKhiKEw In a world where growing older can mean entering into a complex and confusing maze of difficult choices, Amy O’Rourke stands out as a passionate advocate for the elderly and their families. As founder of Cameron Group Care Management Services, she prioritizes quality of life and helps families and elders navigate the challenges of Read More

How Home Care Assistance Promotes Healthy Lifestyles for Seniors

https://youtube.com/watch?v=zd5AD7mKWDg At Home Care Assistance, our Balanced Care Method and Cognitive Therapeutics Method are two ways we introduce additional structure and programmatic offerings for our clients around some of the key factors that contribute to healthy longevity. Our genes are not our destiny. Only one-third of our lifespan is determined by genes, which means that Read More

Aging in Place: Providing Comfort and Care for Seniors Living at Home

https://youtube.com/watch?v=kcEZHS9vL04 After a near-fatal fall, life has changed for 79-year-old Marianne and her 82-year-old husband John, an avid golfer who now spends nearly all his time with Marianne. He can’t imagine leaving her side while she recovers from the accident. The two are always on the lookout for ways to help them through the recovery Read More

Growing Old – Coping With Problems Of Isolation And Abandonment / Video

https://youtube.com/watch?v=fHrrq78tS0c The White House Conference on Aging; U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare; After Autumn; A12833VNB1, 1968; A day in the life of an 82 year-old farmer, living alone in a rural area, coping with problems of isolation and abandonment. Producer: White House Conference on Aging; Creative Commons license: Public Domain. Read More