In the spirit of lifelong learning, Learning ZoneXpress has developed a wide range of education materials to help educate and sometimes simply remind adults of all ages to make healthy decisions. These resources have been popular with many of our public health customers — and we’re seeing greater interest with nursing homes, assisted living center and home health care nurses.
Our Food Safety for Older Adults collection includes:
Shake the Salt Habit for Older Adults Tri-fold Brochure – Helps senior adults discover ways to reduce their intake of sodium without sacrificing flavor. It explains the sources of sodium in our diets, common high sodium foods, how to read food labels, and tips to reduce sodium intake.
Keeping Hydrated for Older Adults Tri-fold Brochure – Encourages senior adults to stay hydrated throughout the day. It explains dehydration, the importance of drinking water, ways to drink more water, foods that contribute to hydration, and tips to encourage proper hydration.
Food Safety for Older Adults Tri-Fold Brochures — Shows how to keep food safe and prevent harmful foodborne illnesses with practical, sound advice including basic information tailored for senior adults based on the four principles of food safety: Clean, Chill, Cook, and Separate.
Diabetes MyPlate Tri-fold Brochure – Promotes good food choices with diabetes in mind by adapting MyPlate, to show foods divided into a diabetes-friendly guide. Foods are categorized by adapted food groups, including: fruits, non-starchy vegetables, protein, dairy, and starchy vegetables, grains, and legumes.

MyPlate for Older Adults Tri-fold Brochure – features a unique icon that provides food, fluid, and physical activity guidance that corresponds with USDA’s 2010 Dietary Guidelines for aging populations. It helps promote good nutrition and health through simplified information and practical advice that helps older adults understand the importance of balanced eating, staying hydrated, and including daily physical activity.
The brochures come in packs of 50. They are colorful and fit in well in a waiting room, cafeteria or doctor’s office.

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