At Life Enriching Communities in Cincinnati, Ohio, wellness isn’t just about physical fitness, it’s a state of mind and a way of life. We’ve long been recognized as a leader in senior living for incorporating the dimensions of wellness into the daily lifestyle of residents. We embrace six areas of wellness in all aspects of community living: emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, and vocational well-being. The Connection at Twin Towers and Twin Lakes, the on-site health and fitness center, plays a big role in helping us integrate our wellness principles into community life.

Our commitment to a culture of wellness goes beyond our programs and events and is cultivated in our people, practices and performance. Our associates are eager to enrich themselves and the lives of those around them. We empower the people in our communities with choices and conveniences that enable them to concentrate on living well.

For more information contact us:

Twin Towers Senior Living Community: (513) 853-2000
Twin Lakes Senior Living Community: (513) 247-1300

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