What are daily living aids?

What are daily living aids?

These products may include slow cookers, cutting aids, and cooking gloves. Everyday aids can also help with sewing and sewing by using products such as pre-threaded needles. Reachers can help anyone who is stiff easily pick up a fallen object off the ground. This is where everyday help comes into play.

These tools are specifically designed to make everyday life exponentially easier and include a wide variety of devices ranging from slip-resistant floor steps to adaptive cutlery to lamp and light switch extensions. They help people maintain their independence by allowing them to carry out their daily tasks more easily and regain control of their environment. Everyday help is essential for people with special needs to maintain a better quality of life. From convenience to safety, these products make life a bit easier.

We offer a range of items, including child tracking devices to find wandering children, home accessories for safety and organization, teaching and writing aids to aid fine motor skills, gripping aids for restricted movement, and mouthstick and head hands for people with limited hand use. Browse our categories for daily life aids for products that make a difference in everyday life. From inspection mirrors to over-bed tables, Sportaid is the right place to find all the comfortable and practical everyday tools you could want or need. We offer a wide range of life aids that allow you to make unlimited use of your daily activities and live independently.

We carry all top brands such as Invacare, Quickie, Good Grips, EZ-Access, ADI, Rose and many more. We have all types of kitchen aids for the disabled, kitchen gadgets for arthritis sufferers and kitchen gadgets for stroke patients. Health Products For You offers a selection of hearing and hearing aids from leading manufacturers such as Sonic Alert, Serene Innovations, Silent Call Communications, Clearsounds Communications, Future Call Picture Phone, Bellman %26 Symfon, and more. The nail clipper is an ideal aid for daily life for people with arthritis or limited ability to pinch.

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We also provide tools that help with pet care, whether it’s for older pets who need a little help getting around, or if elderly or disabled pet owners need help taking care of their animals, the Ability Superstore pet care range is here to help. However, everyday tasks such as feeding, walking, playing and bathing animals can be made easier with our range of independent everyday pet care aids. There are domestic helpers for people with arthritis with gripping and turning devices, furniture raisers, device holders and activity aids. Effective everyday help can provide real security when it comes to staying safe and independent at home.