What do they do to you at a chiropractor?

What do they do to you at a chiropractor?

A chiropractic adjustment is a therapeutic treatment by a licensed chiropractor. Your chiropractor will apply pressure to manipulate the joints in your body to realign your spine and reduce pain and discomfort. Chiropractic adaptations complement the traditional medical care you receive. After taking the medical history, your chiropractor will perform a physical examination.

The chiropractor can feel your spine, move your joints, and watch you walk. He or she will also test your muscle strength, reflexes and range of motion. In some cases, the chiropractor may order X-rays or a blood pressure check. Your first visit is likely to include an adjustment.

This is a quick and painless process most of the time. You’re lying on a table and the chiropractor can push, pull, or twist parts of your body to detect and repair malpositions in your spine. There may be “popping” or “cracking” noises during adjustment, but this is expected and there is nothing to worry about. For some, an adjustment brings immediate relief, while others may take several sessions to feel the effects.

Simply put, chiropractors are health professionals who specialize in treating and diagnosing neuromuscular disorders. They receive specific training in manual adjustment techniques, which they then use to adjust your spine and eliminate malpositions in the spine that can cause health problems. Chiropractic clinics typically accept many different types of insurance. However, you’ll need to check with your chiropractor to see if your policy will help cover care costs.