What is independent living for seniors?

What is independent living for seniors?

Independent living is simply any residential complex that is designed exclusively for older adults, usually for people aged 55 and over. Living is very diverse, from apartment-style living to single-family homes. In general, the housing is friendlier for aging adults, often more compact, with easier navigation and no maintenance or gardening work to worry about. Unlike assisted living, independent living is ideal for people who can still live independently but have access to assistance when needed.

Independent living communities offer residents convenient access to restaurants, medical care, entertainment, and more. The independent lifestyle provides residents with a safe living environment but with minimal support. Catering services such as cleaning services, meals and laundry may or may not be included in the monthly rent, but are usually available. I visited Harmony in West Ashley.

The people were very nice there. The whole hotel is very nice and the apartments are nice. It’s relatively new so I’m thinking some of it is falling off. Home care and day care for adults are options for seniors who prefer to live at home, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) are unique senior living communities that offer multiple levels of care that allow seniors to age in one place.

If residents should need assisted living but are not yet ready to move on from independent living, some communities are allowing residents to hire home caregivers to come into the community. These facilities offer a range of care from independent living to nursing home care in the same community. As a result of these additional services and subsequent staffing requirements, the monthly costs for pension communities tend to be higher than for other independent housing types, such as senior housing. Independent living communities provide residents with amenities, social activities, and a stress-free lifestyle, while allowing them complete independence.

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Although there are fundamental similarities between all independent communities, they are not created in the same way. The independent cost of living can vary dramatically depending on where you live and the municipality in question. While your loved one is likely to go through a period of adjustment after moving to an independent residential or retirement home, don’t automatically assume that complaints are only part of the transition process. Today’s seniors expect nothing less than the best, and today’s independent communities live up to their expectations.

Monthly housing fees in independent residential communities may be all-inclusive fees or represent a basic rent or mortgage, with additional benefits and services offered à la carte. However, as the name suggests, independent living is more about making your life easier than giving up your independence. Residents of assisted living communities are free to live an independent lifestyle but are also provided with regular support for a range of daily activities, ranging from cleaning to preparing meals. In situations where seniors need help with ADLs or access to medical care, they should consider a different type of senior life.

Within independent communities, individuals can choose to participate in community administration and decision making, further strengthening their own influence and independence. From housekeeping to preparing meals to home maintenance, living in an independent life is carefree and stress-free.