What is the average cost of independent living in florida?

What is the average cost of independent living in florida?

There are 664 independent communities in Florida. We can help you find the best matches for your needs. Contact your insurance provider to find out what your insurance coverage includes and whether these benefits can be used for an independent home. Aviva offers a full continuum of healthcare services, from memory care to skilled care and rehabilitation with local doctors and the opportunity to move from independent living to assisted living when circumstances call for it.

Independent residents are generally autonomous when it comes to everyday life, but they can avail themselves of convenient services such as home and floor care, security, housekeeping, and more. Understanding the costs of assisted living in Florida allows families to see the value of a supportive living environment. If you add in expenses for entertainment, medical care, and transportation, there’s a chance that an independent living community will cost less overall. At Sterling Aventura, monthly assisted living costs also include ADL (Activities of Daily Living) and IADL (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living), which are necessary to keep residents safe while maintaining as much independence as possible.

Independent living communities are aimed at active, older people who are looking for companionship, services and amenities. The Kobernick Independent Living Apartments in Aviva offer seniors high-quality monthly rent in a community with excellent amenities, fine dining and fantastic activities. Depending on your assets and income, you may be entitled to additional benefits (additional security income) to cover basic needs such as food and housing, which may include independent living. Understanding the costs of assisted living and what factors influence these costs can help you better understand the value of assisted living.

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Genworth says the overall cost of assisted living is significantly lower than living at home with home care. This initial fee can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of normal monthly rental and service charges, making senior life seem unattainable.