What to do with unwanted disability aids?

What to do with unwanted disability aids?

Returning them is not an option and simply throwing away unused supplies is wasteful and makes them go to landfills, Med-Eq (USA). Another viable option is to donate your device, equipment, or elevator to charity. Local and government organizations are always on the lookout for good used mobility devices and will pick them up and deliver them often. You can choose which nonprofit organization appeals to you, including Wounded Warriors, ALS Association, Cancer Society, or Alzheimer’s Association.

You can also choose a local animal shelter, nursing home, or thrift store. Unfortunately, many devices are adapted to a specific person or home environment, making it difficult to transfer and use without alterations or repairs. Remember that when donating your devices, you must request a receipt from whoever accepts them. This can later be used for a tax deduction. Crutches are mostly made of aluminum, which is one of the most valuable materials you can recycle.

As a result, most scrap metal recyclers accept them and pay you a small fee. But before you go down that path, a surprising number of organizations like to take your gently used crutches and distribute them to others in need. Every day, people want to donate used medical equipment or receive inexpensive or free medical equipment. Here are some resources to donate equipment and find equipment.

Jon%26 Friends runs a program called Wheels for the World, which collects wheelchairs and distributes them to disabled people in developing countries. Resources for Independent Living’s mission is to support severely disabled people to live independently in the community and to promote necessary changes within the community to enable independent living. Friends of Disabled Adults and Children provide refurbished, durable medical devices for adults and children in need. A donation doesn’t pay you directly for your device, but instead gives you a receipt that can be used for tax deductions.

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I’m looking for a wheelchair (20″ seat width) for my aunt who is disabled due to a neurological problem (tumor growth in her brain at the base of her neck). The North Dakota Association for the Disabled is a non-profit organization that supports people with disabilities in the state of North Dakota, many of whom are not eligible for services from other agencies. These refurbished aids get a good overhaul before they reach retail space or may be used as short-term rental equipment for those in need. Wheelchairs are an essential mobility aid for many people, including the elderly, people with reduced mobility, and even those recovering from an injury.

In many developing countries, many disabled children are bed-bound and cannot go to school, church or go out due to the lack of availability of high-quality mobility aids. Dresser chair, wheelchair is one of the best aids for the elderly and the disabled to move.