How do I know when to move my loved one to a higher level of care?
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One of the most commonly used tools for determining the level of care are the nine Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s). I used this tool in my communities and today, to assess how much time is needed to assist the senior in accomplishing all the activities that we do including getting out of bed and leaving home, then again the activities to end the day and go to bed.

If your parent has been recently assessed for a level of care that you believe is not accurate, we can partner with you to ensure the family and care provider agree on the level and the associated cost of that care.

Don’t let the care provider raise an assessment level without your being present. Unfortunately, some care providers may improperly use this tool to raise the level and cost of care to charge a higher rate. We can help you make sure it’s done accurately and honestly.

At Parkview Aging Services, we will evaluate your situation and present you with realistic options to accomplish your goals for your loved one. Give us a call for a free consultation.

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