When to move into senior living?

When to move into senior living?

What should you know before moving into an independent senior community? To find out, I asked a long-time resident. Before you do anything, contact your Leisure Care community to see if they have moving assistance or not, consider how much time you’ll need to sort, downsize, pack, and unpack. Take around 100 hours to sort, 20 hours to downsize, and 40-60 hours to pack and unpack

Don’t try to pack and sort through memories from 50 years in one day. Know that it’s going to take some time and that’s okay. The best part is that they’ve all moved into senior life for similar reasons — and they’re looking forward to making new friends. If you start to notice worrying things — mom’s memory isn’t what it used to be, dad suddenly doesn’t keep track of the bills anymore than he was always around before — you should consider the possibility of living a senior life.

Contrary to popular belief, moving to an independent living community helps seniors maintain the level of activity and lifestyle they want for longer compared to those who choose to stay in their home. You are not buying real estate, but acquiring the right to live in your home, assisted living or a care facility that shares the same campus. Len Bachman has lived in an upscale independent senior community of 313 units in Chevy Chase, Maryland for about a decade. For example, if a senior is unable to wait for their home to sell before moving to an assisted living community for urgent reasons, a bridging loan could enable a quick transition.

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Artisan at Hudson is located in Hudson, Massachusetts, and offers distinctive senior living that gives residents everything they want and need. When you move into a senior living community, expenses such as property taxes, home insurance, utilities, and maintenance are no longer a problem. But Len also brings the careful eye of a doctor and health policy expert to the issues of senior life. According to a senior housing report from CBRE, almost two thirds of senior living communities charge their residents an entrance fee.

The wide range of engaging activities, programs, services, and amenities in senior communities allows you to spend your time exactly the way you want, while providing ways to keep your mind, body healthy, and in good spirits. If your elderly relative is struggling with support and simply cannot handle it, that is also a good sign that the lives of seniors could change their lives for the better. For more information on retirement planning and senior living options, contact a senior lifestyle community near you.