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Senior Living’s Embarrassing Handicapped Cousin . . .

We have always been mildly embarrassed by this part of senior living. Now there is a desire to act as if our embarrassing cousin is not part of the family.

You Need to Bring Them Out of Their Rooms — But How?

With social distancing and safety precautions in place, it makes sense to begin allowing small groups of 3-5 residents to engage in communal activities.

Lori Porter – On Transforming Working Conditions for CNAs

In a rare occurance, a CNA is invited to be on a panel of 25 government leaders and well-educated experts with MDs and PhDs.

Coming Soon to a Community Near You

More and more senior living providers seem to be looking seriously at offering clinical primary care onsite in their communities.

Is It Time to Transform Aged Care?

Aged care has been the elephant in the room for generations. It’s an enormous issue that everyone knows about but most people don’t want to discuss.

With Insurance Premiums Skyrocketing, Here’s How to Get the Best Deal

Claims are up, litigation is up, premiums and deductibles are through the roof. Insider tips for the best rate possible in a seemingly impossible market.

The Best Place for Senior Living – Does US News & World Reports Have It Right?

It would seem logical that “The Best Places to Retire” and the best place for senior living should have some correlation, maybe even the same thing?

How to Get 30% More Web Leads: Get Your Visitors “Unstuck”

All the hopping around that prospects are doing means they are leaving your site before you get a chance to help them. And they need your help!

Are You a Racist? Would You Know If You Were?

Some people seem to be completely blind to the problem and completely miss the point of the conversations we are having about race.

Have We Just Thrown in the Towel When It Comes to Life Enrichment? Please Say It’s Not So!!!

We used to sell a lifestyle/living experience that allowed older people to have amazing last chapters of their lives. Maybe we have thrown in the towel.

Industry Thought Leaders Produce Guidance for the “New Next” for Senior Living – Part 2

Recommendations for looking to the future of senior living post-COVID-19 and beyond. Brought to you by some of the brightest minds in the industry.

8 Big Takeaways from NIC 2020

NIC knocks it out of the park with their opening keynote with Mark Parkinson, the CEO of AHCA, and Andy Slavitt, the former acting administrator of CMS.

This Will Help Residents Feel Better, Guaranteed

A wellness program that is so simple, there is no reason (or excuse) not to follow it. Everyone can do it, from residents to staff to family members.

Industry Thought Leaders Produce Guidance for the “New Next” for Senior Living

ICAA recruited top thought leaders in senior living to examine what the ‘next normal’ looks like as we move through the pandemic and beyond.

Do This To Drive Move-Ins

With the right tools, resources, and support, you can be the shiny new car on the lot that everyone wants to drive.

People Are Scared of Senior Living . . . Not So Fast

We are all scared to death of what the COVID-19 pandemic is doing to the reputation of senior living. We have it completely wrong.

A Caring Leader in a Time of Crisis

A woman who puts innovative service to humankind before all other concerns. As it turns out, that’s good business practice as well.

The Chicken Door

On a trip to Disney World with my kids, I discovered the Chicken Door to avoid humiliation. What a brilliant idea. If only real life had them.

Avoid These 4 Stock Photo Mistakes at All Costs

A lot of time plowing through a lot of awful images to get to some not-quite-as awful.If I sound jaded, I am. I really hate stock photos.

The Key To Solving the Senior Living Image Problem in the Face of COVID-19: Rock N Roll

There are, nearly a dozen different initiatives being implemented or planned to improve the image of senior living. I’ not sure it’s moving the needle.