Your Resident Photos Suck: 5 Tips to Make Them Shine

It can be next to impossible to capture a spontaneous moment in which everyone looks perfect, especially in senior living.

Cold Food and Leadership . . . Would You Make This Connection?

While cold food was a problem it was not THE REAL PROBLEM. In many cases, solutions to big problems don’t cost anything at all.

Families and Prospects Crave This Now More Than Ever!

Communities desperately needed to show all the great stuff they were doing to stay safe. Seven-plus months into the pandemic. Things have changed.

How To Kill A Relationship

I learned important principles such as “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”. You know, the law of reciprocity. Whose back have you stopped scratching?

Is Anyone Making Money During COVID?

How can I best achieve my profit margins? How can I make a higher margin on services? Big, important questions . . . no doubt.

Burnout in Crisis Times

Perfection takes a toll so it’s not surprising that burnout is a common challenge. This challenge is emotional and so the response has to speak to emotions.

How Would You Answer This Question From a New Leader?

How do you handle the throngs of vendors that want your time? Are operators being too nice? Sometimes no is kinder than maybe.

The Most Important Gift You Can Give to Residents Right Now

These are unprecedented times. And with the holidays approaching, there is a perfect storm brewing and headed our way. How can you keep residents connected?

The 7 Rules of Garbage Truck Etiquette

It was such a little thing . . . how a courteous garbage truck driver reminded me that thoughtful regard is often missing in our culture.

The Sum of the Parts: A New Model of Engagement

More than six months into the pandemic we know one thing for certain. When you speak of activity offerings, it’s not the way it used to be.

This Flexible Staffing Platform Is Catching Fire! Here’s Why

Staffing, in this industry, has been broken for a long time. The concept of “flexible working” presents benefits for workers and employers alike.

Senior Living’s Embarrassing Handicapped Cousin . . .

We have always been mildly embarrassed by this part of senior living. Now there is a desire to act as if our embarrassing cousin is not part of the family.

You Need to Bring Them Out of Their Rooms — But How?

With social distancing and safety precautions in place, it makes sense to begin allowing small groups of 3-5 residents to engage in communal activities.

Lori Porter – On Transforming Working Conditions for CNAs

In a rare occurance, a CNA is invited to be on a panel of 25 government leaders and well-educated experts with MDs and PhDs.

Coming Soon to a Community Near You

More and more senior living providers seem to be looking seriously at offering clinical primary care onsite in their communities.

Is It Time to Transform Aged Care?

Aged care has been the elephant in the room for generations. It’s an enormous issue that everyone knows about but most people don’t want to discuss.

With Insurance Premiums Skyrocketing, Here’s How to Get the Best Deal

Claims are up, litigation is up, premiums and deductibles are through the roof. Insider tips for the best rate possible in a seemingly impossible market.

The Best Place for Senior Living – Does US News & World Reports Have It Right?

It would seem logical that “The Best Places to Retire” and the best place for senior living should have some correlation, maybe even the same thing?

How to Get 30% More Web Leads: Get Your Visitors “Unstuck”

All the hopping around that prospects are doing means they are leaving your site before you get a chance to help them. And they need your help!

Are You a Racist? Would You Know If You Were?

Some people seem to be completely blind to the problem and completely miss the point of the conversations we are having about race.